Report an incident

Noticed a safety hazard around the shed, pontoon or river?

  • e.g. sharp item protruding in shed, big new log floating in river, people doing something dangerous/careless, strangers lurking  

Had/seen an accident, injury, or altercation?

  • e.g. cut foot, fell off something, boats collided, dropped and damaged some equipment, got shouted at by a member of the public

Seen/experienced a near-miss?

Please report it

Help keep our club safe. Ensure an Incident Report is submitted to the Committee within 24 hours of the incident (serious incidents) or within 7 days (minor incidents). If it's serious contact a Committee member by phone too. 

Submit your Incident Report online &/OR download a PDF form to print, fill in and scan (handy if you need more text space or to draw something).